As the technology is growing very fast and there are lot of disadvantages of this new technological era. Recently around 600 Pakistanis lost 10 Million rupees due to ATM skimming fraud. The money was withdrawn from China. Basically, these people were trapped by the devices installed by hackers on local ATM machines of Pakistani Banks. For ATM users, It is difficult to realize that they are being trapped by a hacker while having a transaction through ATM. Basically these hackers installed a device on the tray in which users insert ATM card. After installing that device, they put a cover on it and looks like that cover is the part of ATM.

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What is ATM Skimming & How to Save yourself from ATM Skimming Fraud | ATM Skimming in Pakistan

What is ATM Skimming Fraud

ATM skimming is the process of stealing your ATM information which includes your ATM card no and its pin. One of the easiest way to steal your data is to install a device in card dray to steal your card’s info or to install a fake keypad on ATM’s existing keypad. Once a user enters the card his/her details are captured a the hackers. Another way to trap you is to install a secret camera which records your secret pin. In some cases these skimmers changed the entire interface of the ATM machines. Many of the Indian, Nigerian, Italian and Canadian hackers are involved in ATM skimming frauds. Sometimes skimmers blocks your cash or ATM cards inside the machine, basically the add extra covers on the parts of machine which keeps your cards and cash. Once you leave the ATM, these people come and collect the cash and card.

How to Save yourself from ATM Skimming Fraud

Every problem has a solution so there is no need to worry about ATM Skimming fraud, if you can follow some simple precautions before using an ATM machine. Follow these steps to save yourself from ATM skimming fraud:

  1. After entering into ATM machine, check around you for any camera installed which can record your card’s pin. Usually banks installs a camera which can record the video but it is on the back side of the ATM machine, which can only records the video of ATM users.
  2. Before inserting your card, check for any extra device or part added to card insertion tray, if yes then leave the ATM immediately and call the police.
  3. When you are entering your PIN, put your hands to hide your PIN.
  4. Check the machine’s cash tray, card insertion tray and then enter your card.
  5. If you are feeling any unusual thing, immediately inform the Police and your Bank.


I hope these precautions will save you from ATM skimming fraud.
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