When it comes to Google, the company which always cared for their customers. The Big tech Giant Google, announced that they have taken action against numerous bad apps and developers in 2017. The reason for this to protect the interest of Google Play Store users. All those blocked apps and developers were spamming and sending malware to their app users. Every Google Play Store user appreciated this initiative.

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Google Play Store 2018

We are committed to make Google Play the most trusted and safe app store in the world,” said Andrew Ahn, Product Manager at Google Play.

According to Google’s Android Developers Blog, around 250,000 apps which were called as “copycats” were removed from the Play Store 2017. Basically these copycats use to write a big brand name with the name of their apps.The other apps which contains inappropriate content such as violence. pornographic material, hate speeches, extremist activities were also removed. The last one is malware, the apps containing malware were also got blocked by Google.

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