Few days ago Snapchat updated their design, which disappointed Snapchat users across the world.

New Snapchat Update

The new Snapchat update have done these things

  1. You cannot see stories in chronological order, it will be ranked on the basis of interactions.
  2. Users cannot watch a post again, to do this they have to visit the user’s account and then have to take a peek from his profile.
  3. Now you have to tap on the Snapchat icon to use your Camera and to watch the story views.

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How to get your Old Snapchat back on iOS

(It depends that you have synced your iOS device on iTunes library)

  1. First of all delete your existing Snapchat from your iPhone/iPad.
  2. Now connect your with your Windows PC/MAC and do not sync it.
  3. Now click on the apps from the menu of iTunes.
  4. Find snapchat in iTunes Library and click on install.
  5. This will install the older version of Snapchat which you backed up on your PC/MAC.

How to get your Old Snapchat back on Android

  1. Remove the updated version of the app.
  2. Connect your phone with a computer and add the APK file of Snapchat it.
  3. Click here to get APK of older versions of Snapchat.
  4. Now download any file explorer from play store.
  5. After getting file explorer, find the APK file which you have saved.
  6. After getting the APK file, click on it to install.

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