New Chrome Search bar with images

Credit: Francois Beaufort

Francois Beaufort, designed  an interface which shows the concept of upcoming updates in Google Chrome. According to sources, Google is improving search appearance of Chrome by adding images of the results.

After this update, When you type your search in the searchbo, you will experience the search results will show the related links as well as images with them.

This new feature is not released, right now Google is testing this feature for Canary channel of Google Chrome.

According to Digital Trends, “The Chrome team is experimenting with showing images and descriptive text about suggested entries in the address bar in Canary channel,” Chromium evangelist Francois Beaufort wrote in a Google+ post. If you want to test out the feature today, you can enable the experimental flag at chrome://flags/#omnibox-rich-entity-suggestions and then restart Chrome.

If everything goes in a right direction during testing, then this feature may enter in Dev and Beta versions before the release into a stable version for public. Tech experts are still unclear about the release time of this new feature.

In a picture posted by Beaufort, typing “blink-1” shows some auto-suggestions for the band Blink-182 right below the search bar. These auto-suggested results also shows images of the band and popular songs recorded by them.

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